Summer is finally here a guide from The Hats Guide

Summer is finally here and it has brought along the blazing sun and killing heat. You need to protect yourself and your family safe from the summer sun and also keep it cool too. So how do you do that? How do you keep your heads cool during summers and also not kill your fashion statement?

One such accessory that will keep you really cool is hats. There are a lot of hats you can choose from which will not only keep your head cooler but also make you look stylish. Summer hats offer you the best protection from the sun and they are often made from material that block the harmful rays of the summer sun which can cause heat stroke etc.

Here is a guide featuring all type of hats ranging from the basic sunscreen hats to the more functional bucket hats which will make you ward off the harsh summer sun in style.

1.       Sunscreen Hats

These hats are great for men, women, children and babies too. Made from light cotton fabric that’s great for keeping the harsh sun rays off your face, the sunscreen hats have wider brims that shade the face and neck entirely. For men who work in the outdoors or women who need to be out and about in the blazing summer sun, sunscreen hats are a great choice to keep themselves cool and stylish during the hot season.

2.       Bucket Hats

What are bucket hats? What are bucket hats used for and why are they good for you?

Bucket hats should be your top summer choice of hats as its great for babies, children, men and women too. Just plop it on for a causal style and go run your errand without a problem; you have your protection from the sun and you look cool too. The brim of the bucket hats is round and covers your head entirely which is why it is an ideal protection from the sun. Also with bucket hats you can carry off a casual style well and look chic no matter what you’re wearing. If you’re getting yourself bucket hats especially for the hot summer season make sure you have a water proof one because summer rains are usually unpredictable. A bucket hat made from cotton can be certainly a good choice.

3.       Ball Caps

Once again ball caps are your must have for this summer as well. Ball caps are easy to put on and they really give you a cool causal look. They work great for men and women both but usually when the woman is in for a sporty look. Females with long hair might have a problem styling their hair with ball caps on.  Ball caps are a good choice because they absorb sweat and the flap on the forehead shades your face from the harsh sunlight.

4.       Flap Style Hats

If you play or work outdoors, flap style hat is one of the best options available for you. The back flap is covers the neck and shoulder at times, shading them from the sun rays and keeping them cool too. The front has a wide brim which shades the face. This style of hat is popular amongst hikers, photographers, birdwatchers or just about anybody who spends his time outdoors in the scorching heat.


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Tips For The Successful Prepper

Over the past few years there has been a revolution of sorts with people all over the country preparing their homes, their families and their lives for darker times. Though it may seem like a simple thing to accomplish, there are many things a prepper should know and have ready for if that time comes. Preparedness is more than just having extra jugs of water to drink and few extra canned goods. Being truly prepared means to have every aspect of your life and home ready for the dark chance you'd need it. Here are a few things that every prepper should know.


Your Home


Your home is one of the most important things to have ready in the case of a end of the world, disaster like situation. One such aspect that should be considered is the home's location, rural locations are often better than those in the city or even suburbs. Cities are suburbs will be the most dangerous zones in situations like this. Be sure that your home is weather proof, with a source of electricity ready to go. This can be either a generator or more preferably solar panels which will run off reserves even in the darkest of days. Your home should also be made as secure as possible, with this you can be creative. You may wish to add metal panels to the outside, or even an underground bunker below your home. Each area of your home should be secured and ready. A source of water should also be determined, digging a well is often the best choice if you have access to underground water. Your home will be your sanctuary in darker times, be prepared for anything.




While this is often the most obvious of aspects to a prepper's life, there are many things that are often forgotten. You should have obtained supplies for nearly any situation. Here are some items that should be well stocked:


-Food, buy foods that can be stored for long periods of time and those that provide enough calories and nutrition.


-First Aid supplies. First aid is very important in an end of the world situation, your life may depend on it. Collect and stock up on anything that can be used to keep you whole and healthy, even vitamins can be an essential.


-Weapons. This is another obvious supply that still should be mentioned. Stock up on any weapons and the things that go with them, such as guns and ammo, knives and so forth.


-Miscellaneous items. Things like tooth paste, baby wipes, pet foods, soaps, cleaning supplies, oils, deodorants, extra socks (always keep your feet dry), warm clothes, emergency blankets, other bedding, toilet paper, a can opener, a bottle opener, razors, tooth brushes, and anything and everything else will be helpful. Be creative and stock up on anything you could think of that would be needed. Even the most simplest of item could mean life or death. It may also be wise to stock up on baby supplies, whether you have children or not, you never know when you'll find a needy family on the way.



Being a prepper takes a lot of training and prep work. Not only do physical items need to be prepared and ready for anything, your mind and family also need to be ready. Involve your family when you begin to prepare, talk about possible circumstances and what should be done in the event that they happen. Preparedness should be extended to every aspect of your life. Even taking first aid courses, CPR courses, mechanic courses, electronic and technology courses will be helpful. Prepare not only your surroundings, but your mind as well. Being prepared in every way imaginable is essential, you never know when you'll need to use the skills you've obtained.  The more prepared you are, the better you'll end up if anything were to happen. Consider everything and plan for almost any scenario, even those that seem far fetched and ridiculous. You never know when you'll need to use it.  Elite-Survival: We strive to become the number one source of preparedness gear on the web! We are always on the lookout for great deals on survival and preparedness products to help save you money. For more information please visit






Vend: The Product Management Software System Retailers Love to Use

Ever find yourself sitting and struggling to manage your inventory, sales, and how all that correlates together? Maybe the software product management system you’ve chosen has been helping you to decide what products to carry or not carry. There is a solution for any of the problems you may have previously faced with your old product management software system, and that answer is Vend. Hands down we really love this new software because it gives you everything you could possibly need in one convenient and easy to use system.

What can their product management software do?

A better question would be what it couldn’t do, but we’ll stick to answer what it can do. With this management software you can add or remove things from your inventory. We understand that things that may have been popular during one particular moment may become something people are no longer interested in during another. This software quickly and easily allows you to update your inventory. This also includes pricing items to your liking or changing prices when things go on sale. To give buyers a better idea of what the item they’ll be buying looks like (because who wants a mystery item), you can even add pictures, a description and tax.

What works well with it?

Well if you’re looking for additional software that can run with this, you’re in luck! Vend has also offered a number of other software products you can download that can further help you out such as book keeping, and keeping track of employees hours or making schedules. They really have provided you with just every useful tool they could come up with, to make your job just a bit easier.

Is it going to cost me a lot?

Not really, in the end the price is more based on the amount of stores you possess and the size. Smaller stores that may just be one or two will cost around $50 where as a larger store with more chains involved is going to cost on the $200 scale. These prices are typically available on a monthly basis, however, you can pay annually which offers a bit of a discount, and we all love saving money.

Why choose Vend’s product management pos system?

Vend really is the first of its kind type of product. So many owners struggle with their current POS software and it’s hard. Being a business owner has enough stress as it is without working with difficult to use, teach and manage software that your business is reliant on. Vend was created for that reason, the creator felt it was important that owners can still love what they do (after all why own and operate a store otherwise?) as well as retaining that sense of ease of access. You want one less thing to worry about, one less thing to fight to manage when it comes to keeping track of everything in your store. It’s a great pos system for those that work from home and sell things a well. It’s just a one size fits all for business owners.

Vend gives you total control over every part of your retail business – it is the only point of sale system you need. If you have more than one store, you’ll want to check out their pos product management software system solution here.






The Vend iPad Cash Register App Helps Retail Stores Sell More

The Vend iPad Cash Register is a POS system that is unique unto its self.  If your computer goes down while you’re typing in a sale, well guess what, you didn’t lose anything - It automatically re-syncs your sale when you’re back online.   How’s that for partnering with you?  It also helps you increase revenue through its reporting and analytics tools that gives you data on sales, staff performance, and more.


This awesome iPad cash register app will also help you to know your stock inside and out.  Vend keeps this information handy, and in effect it makes purchasing so much easier for your customers at the point of sale in stores or on-the-go.  Scanning bar codes quickly and easily is something else it can does too. So, who wants to take the time to go through inventory?  It “lives” to make life easier for you as you manage and control your inventory in the cloud. Your customer accounts and staff information can be run whenever you need. The cloud-bases POS software design will work for many types of businesses, such as: boutiques, salons, bars, food trucks, electronic stores, cafes, and many more.  Vend’s iPad cash register app helps with bookings, managing more than just one store, plus online stores too.  It’s easy to use, and because of that it takes less time to train personnel.  The less time it takes, the more money you make. 


The Vend iPad pos allows you to accept various types of payments, plus cash, credit, debit cards, and mobile payments, so the cash flow will keep coming in. It will work on a PC, Mac, and iPad too. Perhaps you are wondering if it will work with your pos system.  I would just contact the retail solutions specialist at Vend, as they have the information you need, or you can just go on the site and request a free demo to see how it can work to help your business.


According to their customer Tender Loving Empire in Portland; “We were able to “save a good 10-20 hours a month, and spend more time focused on the things that move us forward.” So, if you don’t want to spend a ton of your time on the things you don’t love doing in your business or a fortune on hard to use pos software, then check out Vend’s tiered pricing model, as all plans include one free register included. At the end of the day, an efficient point of sale system helps any business operate more efficiently and effectively, and the Vend iPad cash register app along with their pos system is all of that. 


Vend gives you total control over every part of your retail business – it is the only point of sale system you need. If you’re considering purchasing a new pos system, you should check out Vend and see how their iPad cash register system can help your business today.






Vend POS Software - Everything You Need to Know 

Consumers today have no dearth of options when it comes to shopping, whether it is through traditional channels or online. People are increasingly expecting more in terms of value, choice and service. This new generation of consumer shopping behavior can be tapped by smart business owners by providing them the best pricing, great service, and a seamless shopping experience.

It has become essential for business owners to not only deliver a unified service across the retail stores, but also a great brand experience. Business owners today cannot afford to be disconnected from technology. Otherwise, they suffer the disadvantages of an outdated point of sale system. With Vend software, business owners can upgrade to the latest technology without even having to overhaul the entire POS systems.

Robust and Feature-rich POS technology

Vend is the retail POS software that allows business owners to create a robust system to help them organize their sales using a PC, Mac or even an iPad running the Vend app. Vend is compatible with a majority of the existing POS hardware used by the retailers. This means that they can simply update their systems to this latest technology, without spending on expensive brand new hardware. The point of sale software stores all the inventory information, and makes it easy for users to schedule reordering of inventories. It is also extremely useful to get a macroscopic view of the purchases the customers make, and improve sales.

Exceptional User Experience

Having good POS software like Vend not only helps businesses streamline their processes, but also adds to the overall consumer experience. Vend allows shoppers to buy their fill as they want. They can make payments by debit and credit cards, split payments, gift cards and get easy refunds or returns, and what not. This has been made possible by Vend’s association with multiple payment gateways across the globe. Businesses should understand that small things like these add up to create a lasting image of the retailer in the eyes of the customers. It is a no brainier that the consumers will continue to visit those outlets, where it is the most convenient for them to shop.

Superior Control Over Your Retail Business

The Vend POS software has been designed to deliver maximum utility to its users. The system even works when the Internet is down. Once the system is back online it will seamlessly sync all the new data generated while offline.

The Vend point of sale software rates high when it comes to being user friendly. Business owners can easily add or delete products from the list. What’s more, they can even add composite products to the list to fit the needs of the business. The same goes for inventory management. There are provisions for automatic reordering, setting restocking levels, transferring inventories across stores, and so on. Users can centrally manage customers by studying customer behaviors and offering good deals on the product bundles, creating loyalty programs, and so on. This is going to increase the number of repeat customers, which is the main objective for any business.

This POS retail software even provides for staff accounts, which can have different permissions depends on the kind of access the business owners want to give them. This, in turn, also becomes a tool to track the performance of the staff at each store.


The information on the Vend POS software would be available to the users anywhere on the cloud in a completely secure environment. This software also enables business owners to easily switch between different payment plans, add new stores, enjoy more features with add-ons, and much more.

Vend gives you total control over every part of your business – it is the only point of sale system you need. To learn more about how their amazing pos system can help scale your retail business, click here.


Process Credit Cards in 24 Hrs | Global Payment Processing Solutions - Allied Wallet

Process Credit Cards in 24 Hrs

Allied Wallet is one of the leading providers of e-commerce payment processing and merchant services. With a global presence, Allied Wallet offers both merchants and end users a very low rate, world-class security with PCI Level 1 Certification and an innovative global payment gateway and payment services platform. Allied Wallet has the fastest industry turnaround for a merchant account - less than 24 hours. With 24 hour customer service, free integration and sign-up, Allied Wallet is the trusted solution for online e-commerce merchant accounts and online credit card processing since 2002. Allied Wallet currently offers its services in over 165 currencies and is available in English.


Currently rolling out multi-lingual support which will be available in 10 of the most common languages including Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. As of July 31, 2012, Allied Wallet has over 41+ million consumers processing online payments through the Allied Wallet payment processing solution, which allows communities of consumers to pay for their transactions securely, easily and quickly. Our goal for Allied Wallet is to become the world’s most convenient, secure, and cost-effective online payments solution.

Retail and C-Store Equipment Financing

Retail and C outlet equipment features computerized cash registers, scanners, and shop installation and so on. Though there is variety of retail and C-store devices, they have to offer the same function- pleasing the consumers. Servicing the customers is the main objective of any sort of business so as in retail business. Any ineffective illumination system or an unclean entryway could bring about client loss. You require preparing your retail or C outlet from much better retail devices. You may require retail and C outlet devices financing for this purpose.


Given that there are different sorts of retail or chain stores, the retail and c store tools financing choices may differ thing on the kind and dimension of the shop. Oil and fuel solution station financing is one such option that help in acquiring gas pumps and various other items which boosts the comfort of the consumers. An oil solution terminal is becoming comfort store nowadays giving food, beverages along from gas. A few other equipment like Leak spotting tool, accessories, underground storage tanks etc. are necessary for the regular operation of a petroleum and gas solution terminal. Looking for the aid of any type of reliable financing company would certainly aid obtaining all the essential tools.


A factor of sale tools financing is a part of retail and C shop tools financing. The factor of sale devices could include sales register, credit card terminal and so on. They likewise feature bar code checking, cash drawers and stock browsing and they help increasing the turnover of inventory much faster and so buying them is constantly advisable.


They are necessary for hassle-free function of any retail shop; it is not possible for a lot of stores to acquire them. This is due to the high price of this sophisticated equipment. Retail and C outlet financing aids virtually all the sellers to obtain the essential equipment for their store. The dependable financing companies offer help to the retailers in better terms.


Shelf and display cupboards are essential for any type of retail or Chain shop. They are the back bone of any retail shop. An appealing, clean show closet could inspire the customers and thereby improve the profits of the shop. Consequently poor shelving would certainly lower the sales. Retail and C outlet financing is required to obtain neat, practical shelves and display closets. The retailer for that reason can increase his sales and make fantastic profits.


Any retail shop huge or small necessities to keep up-dated reliable devices to run the outlet efficiently. Retail and C store financing options given by the legitimate financing business assists every retailer to keep the costly equipment’s at his outlet. Considering that these companies do not involve any troublesome procedures, it is simpler to obtain economic assistance for any kind of retail shop owner.


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